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The project was co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.


Metamedia Association

Metamedia Association was established in 2001 with the aim to develop development of various artistic and cultural initiatives in the field of new media arts & technology, and to improve the quality of life of youth through various educational, cultural and artistic programs. The topics we focus on vary from year to year, constantly evolving and adapting to contemporary social and cultural issues as well as user needs. However, conceptually our programs remain based on experimental and transdisciplinary approaches to artistic reflection and production models. Metamedia’s main programs are Metamedia Lab, Media Mediterranea festival, New Media Cultivator, and Kulturistra – web portal for culture in Istria. In the last decade the association had a significant role in the development of the non-institutional educational sector and youth culture, both on a local and a national level.



Sonitus was established in 2008 with the purpose to promote music and audiovisual arts. In the beginnings, Sonitus was mostly oriented on music education, production and promotion. The change of focus came naturally, as a result of common interest combined with the passion towards new technologies shared by the most active members within the organization. The result was the establishment of a informal visual arts collective named Visualia Group, and later, in 2013, the first festival of lights in Croatia – Visualia Festival.
Visualia Festival is a cultural event, and a regular part of the entire annual cultural program of the community that has been created and organized by Sonitus. The Visualia program is led by its main goals focused on investing on and researching new media and modern technologies by organizing actions, manifestations, educations, and other activities; the creation of their own artistic production based on research results, and distribution that serves for the promotion of audiovisual, visual and performing arts, as well as the creation of new cultural trends.
Due to great interest in their workshops held in 2013 and 2014, the following year they decided, in collaboration with Seasplash, to establish VisuaLab / EduSplash platform – a multimedia platform for education and development.


Labin art express XXI

Labin Art Express (L.A.E.) – independent underground cultural and art association, was founded in 1991, in 1998 registered as a cultural-artistic association and in 2005 newly registered as Labin Art Express XXI association (L.A.E. XXI). Their mission is to help develop a civil and open society through the production and promotion of new art practices and youth subcultures, with emphasis on the realisation of the project “Underground City XXI.
L.A.E. is one of the first cultural and artistic association registered in Croatia, and in 1993,they established the first independent radio station in Croatia. The same year it protects the valuable industrial and architectural heritage of the Istrian coal mines “Raša” in Labin as a national cultural heritage, and in 1998, in the former coal mine Lamparna they open the first private, independent cultural center in Croatia and launch the Underground City XXI project.



Faro11 association was founded in august 2014, with the aim to gather young creatives and to develop the creative industries. Faro11 is also the first coworking initiative in the Region of Istria. The association counts 12 members, all professionals with international experience, who work within a wide range of cultural policies, museum themes, (interactive) design, architecture, new media, photography, economics and music. Faro11’s main focus is the development of cooperation between the cultural/humanist and IT sectors. The association’s mission is to foster creativity, and thus establish a solid foundation for a better, more active and free society. The mission is based on a respect for diversity, free creativity and responsible management of local resources. One of the goals of Faro11 is the development of creative industries with the purpose of employment and education of youth, the growth of an independent cultural scene, and the management of our social and cultural reality.


Društvo arhitekata Istre DAI-SAI

Društvo arhitekata Istre DAI-SAI is the name of the regional Association of Architects in Istria. The organization has been active since 1998, gathering lots of voluntary associates, with the aim to develop and promote the architecture, spatial culture and protection of the environment. DAI-SAI is represented by the President, and it counts 109 members.Some of their most significant projects are the Days of Architecture in Istria – Dani arhitekture u Istri (Pula, Labin, Pazin, Poreč) and the Open City of Pula – Otvoreni grad Pula, which deals with the revival of abandoned and neglected spaces in the city, that are activated as venues-events through artistic and performative interventions. They are partners in the EU project Future Architecture Platform.